14 December 2015

Website down!

I know we haven't been updating much with everything that has been going on in our family: move, new baby, mentally ill child; however, anyone wanting to get gifts for others from our website at today will find it offline because of a cyberattack on the hosting service, Moonfruit.

It is anticipated that it will be up and running by tomorrow. You can still find our books on Amazon.

Thank you!

28 November 2014

On Cyber Monday (December 1), all our published e-book titles will be FREE for download on Amazon!

On Cyber Monday (December 1), all our published e-book titles will be FREE for download on Amazon!

Black Friday – Small Business Saturday – Cyber Monday Sale!!!
All paperback/ hardcover titles on our website will be 15% for the sale weekend with discount code. You can also click to order them through CreateSpace and input the CreateSpace code to receive the same discount.

Goodreads Giveaway:

We will be giving away copies of The Corruption and The Essential U.S. Guide to Chemotherapy and Radiation (later) throughout the weekend and in December on Goodreads!

We currently have these books available:
Sal, Captain of the Baby Guards in English , Spanish , and Simplified Chinese : A children’s picture book that deals with the fear of vacuums.
The Inconvenient Widow : A historical inspirational (Christian) romance.
The Corruption : An epic fantasy dealing with the pre-flood period described in Genesis when the angels came down and took human wives.
Cheaper By the Dozen Study Guide: a reproducible workbook for Cheaper By the Dozen that covers language arts topics such as nouns, verbs, synonyms, antonyms, discussion questions, and more.
The Essential Guide to Chemotherapy and Radiation : This book is a non-fiction resource that explains cancer treatments and ways to prevent side effects in an easy-to-understand format. The included Help List is filled with resources for patients and their caregivers. There is both a U.K. version and a U.S. version with resources respective to each country.

08 November 2014

Jared - After the battle of Thoheleth

In the passing years after the death of his father, Jared was pressed to take over the role of commander of the eastern front. Othaniel, his father-in-law, suffered injuries during the battle with the Sagisera that left him crippled and unable to continue in military service. His wife, Abigail, bore him his son, Enoch, shortly after the battle, along with five other children before book two begins. Though the threat of the Sagisera has been neutralized, other threats have risen. Namely the increase in Watcher created abominations being introduced into Eden. Though Siriad is cut off from the rest of Eden by the Euphrates, these creatures, namely the Ebrahitah, have found their way into Siriad and have breed rapidly. To combat this threat, Jared formed a special unit comprised of Ayil and the Sagisera captives. With the help of weaponry created by Alliyz, Jared has spend the intermediate years tracking and killing these threats. Though they began as captives, Ayil and his men have become trusted friends and comrades of Jared as they conquer this threat together.

05 November 2014

Following the battle of Thoheleth

The time span between the first and second book is great. The following blog posts will be covering the time, people, and events between book 1 and book 2. This post will cover the transitions that have been taking place in Siriad.

Following the battle of Thoheleth, Enosh allows Yavin the extract the knowledge from the stolen reader with Alliyz's help. Under Enosh's rule, only knowledge useful in the defense of Siriad is allowed to be implemented. As time passes, Enosh and Shamgar pass away and replaced by their sons. Under the leadership of Kenan, Yavin is commissioned to start implementing more of the readers knowledge. Siriad slowly begins to transform to becoming like the rest of Eden in it's technology. By the time book 2 begins, Siriad's cities are becoming nearly as advanced as the other cities from book 1.

13 October 2014

Graphic Novel

We're thinking about writing The Corruption as a graphic novel. There are many places and people that would look good illustrated. If we can find a good (reliable) artist, we will try to get this project done in a timely manner.